Bethenny Frankel flashes her underwear while challenging Anderson Cooper to a push-up contest

There isn't much that embarrasses her, but the sharp-tongued Bethenny Frankel blushed to the roots of her hair after an on-air snafu.
While challenging talk show host Anderson Cooper to a push-up contest, the 41-year-old reality star accidentally flashed the audience.
Half of the room caught a glimpse of the multi-millionaire's bright pink underpants. She is seen here in some publicity stills from her energetic interview, which will air on Monday.

The Skinnygirl creator looked elegant despite her snafu in a ladylike black and white dress and a pair of hot pink heels that matched her undergarments.
She got real with Cooper, frankly chatting about her marriage, motherhood and the Real Housewives.
She revealed that she tries not to swear in front of her 21-month-old daughter, Bryn.
The reality star said: 'I do not curse around her, and when other people do I get very upset.
'I spell so many things now. I spell a lot of curses. When she spells, then I can't do it anymore. Sometimes the only way I can express things sometimes is to curse.
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