Top actress Uche Jombo goes digital

Top actress Uche Jombo has gone digital as the first movie of her  “Damage Trilogy” started streaming live online since Thursday, February 23.

Jombo has often championed the digital distribution of Nollywood movies online as a logical step in keeping up with the high demand for these movies within and outside the shores of the country. This is the latest of such internet-centric initiatives.

“Damage”, a movie produced by Uche Jombo Studios is the first in a series of similarly themed trio of movies featuring, Tonto Dike, Kalu Ikeagwu, Basorge Tariah Jnr amongst other Nollywood stars. It  was shown all over the major cinemas across the country last year, as well as touring the UK and the United States of America.

The actress has taken a major step by making it available for Nollywood lovers across the world  to watch the movie online. “Damage speaks about social issues that affect audiences around the world and putting the movie online means everyone can watch and enjoy the movie from any country.” Uche Jombo said.

“Hopefully, audiences worldwide will be able to connect with the story that the movie tells”, she added.

Since its premiere last year, the movie has garnered a number of awards and accolades including “The Best of Nollywood Awards” amongst others.
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