Lagos boat tragedy, Bereaved parents, relatives lament their losses

• Ayisat

Task government to build schools to save children from suffering similar fate
In Ojota, a sleeping riverside village, in Otto Awori Local Development Authority (LCDA) of Lagos State, cries of sorrow and anguish are ringing out loudly. Everywhere in the community they resonate. Bereaved parents and relatives are crying for their beloved ones. They refuse to be consoled because they are no more.

 Ten children going to school and two other elderly women, perished in an early morning boat mishap on the vast waters of the village. Relations of those who lost their lives wish that the Monday, February 13 never was. They lament that if the government had built schools for them in the village and a bridge linking them with and neighbouring riverine villages, their children could not have met a cruel fate. They contend that the monumental tragedy which has now brought untold sorrow and grief to them could have been avoided. They fear that more tragedy might still befall the living among them if something is not done fast.
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