Kogi prison attack | Three policemen shot dead in Minna | Sect frees 7 detained members | We did it –Boko Haram

Kogi prison attack
 ...Another bomb found in Kaduna
 •Armed gunman arrested at Maiduguri market

Boko Haram said yesterday that it was behind the raid on Koton.Karfi Prison in Kogi State when Corporal Richard Sesan was killed on Wednesday. In the 30-minute attack, the Islamist sect said it set free 119 inmates of the prison according to a Boko Haram statement, even as another bomb was found in Kaduna yesterday, 48 hours after a policeman was blown up while trying to defuse a device.

 The development, coincided with the discovery of a bomb in Kaduna yesterday, 48 hours after a policeman was blown up trying to detonate an explosive even as the people at Baga Market in Maiduguri, Borno State arrested an armed Boko Haram suspect.

 This is even as the apex Islamic body in the North, Jama’atu Nasri Islam (JNI) added a new twist to the Boko Haram menace, saying, Christians are behind the spate of terror attacks. Three policemen were killed by the sect in Minna, Niger State, yesterday.
 “We staged the operation to rescue seven of our members there and Allah made it possible for the operation to be successful,” the sect told reporters in a conference call.

 “They are safely in one of our camps”. One warder was killed in a shootout that erupted after gunmen hurled explosives at the gate of the jail Wednesday night, prisons officials said. Hadiza Aminu, the prison’s spokeswoman in the state, said the gunmen emptied the jail of all its inmates except one. At least 25 of them were recaptured Thursday, she said.
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