I want to be better than Dora Ifudu – Sandra Ifudu

 She is a  former beauty queen and a wannabe musician. And her name is Sandra Ifudu. If her first name doesn’t ring a bell, the surname should rekindle old memories. She is niece to once controversial top pop female musician. Theodora Ifudu otherwise known as Dora Ifudu

And like her Aunty Dora, who made waves in the late 80’s and early 90’s, Sandra wants to take the music industry by storm.

Unlike Dora whom little was known about before her rise to stardom, Sandra was the local Catholic Church pearl in Asaba, Delta State where she grew up under the roof of an equally endowed musical family.

“Apart from my Aunty Dora, my dad was also into music, only that, he didn’t take it up professionally”,

Sandra, an English graduate of Madonna University in Anambra State reveals in this interview.

Are you an actress or a musician?
Both. But more of a musician, just like Whitney Houston.

An observer may want to know why you chose to become a musician? Does it run in the family?
Yeah it does. The Ifudu’s are lovers of music

Apart from Dora,my dad was so into music. Only that he didn’t take it up professionally.

Then you must have written some songs…

Yeah, I have

Were you old enough when your aunty was hot as a singer?
No. I wasn’t.. I was a baby

But you heard stories? And do think you have what it takes to do better?
Yeah.  I heard a lot of stories about her. Most times people ask me if am related to Aunty Dora,and when I say yes, they just want to be nice to me, and almost adore me as if I were her.

And talking about doing better than what she did in her time, I dare say the music industry has grown so much since the time of Aunty Dora. So it can only get better.

Did she influence your delving into music too?
Yes. Her success story is an inspiration, of course. But even if she wasn’t a success, I’ll still want to do music because it’s my passion

Now, how much experience do you have as a singer? Were you in the Choir?
Yes. I was in the Choir during my secondary school days. And I used to take readings and Psalms in Church. And I can remember how everyone would love to meet me after Church service to shake my hand, and tell me how much they were touched by my voice.

Even the priests usually would want me to do it every other Sunday

So you are going into R n B?
Gospel and inspirational music actually. But a very different kind of gospel music, something more funky. Something you can dance to and have fun with. My goal is to entertain and instruct at the same time.

And who are your role models locally and internationally?
I was inspired by R n B and soul artistes like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Christiana Aguilera.

I grew up listening to these women and falling in love with them. And I can remember saying ‘I want to be like Whitney Houston when I grow up’

You had all of these burning on the inside and still, you went into pageantry. Why did you go into, if one may ask?
I did the pageant just for the fun of it,and that’s it. Nothing more. I just wanted to have fun.
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