Evil men pluck Bauchi farmer’s eyes, four teeth

 Umar Bonjiji on his hospital bed

 From PAUL ORUDE, Bauchi
At the moment, Mallam Umar Bonjiji, a farmer at Bonjiji village near Inkil in Bauchi Local Government Area of Bauchi State is in deep pain. He was tossed in the path of sorrow when two men, who met him in his farm wrecked his life and bolted. They shattered his world by forcefully plucking his two eyes and four teeth before disappearing into the woods.
 After committing the act, they left him with battered hands, legs and bruises all over his body. And now, only God knows if he will survive his painful ordeal.

 It all started when Umar went to the bush to fetch some rafters to roof his house. Sadly, he chose to go alone that day.
 He had cut some pieces of wood without any hitch but what he didn’t know was that danger was lurking in the corner.

 He was arranging the pieces of wood that he had cut and getting ready to go home when all like a flash, two men emerged from the woods, wearing a friendly mien. But behind that façade was their true identity: evil. To hide their evil intention for Umar, they even offered to assist him as he was at that point tired.

 Daily Sun gathered that like most rural dwellers, Umar, who is married with two wives and 13 kids, was polite and hospitable to the strangers and willingly accepted their offer to help. He could have kept them at arm’s length or even raised the alarm if he knew their mission. But unfortunately, he neither knew them nor could he decipher what was on their minds.

 Then the unimaginable happened. The two men suddenly pounced on him, held him down and began to pluck his eyes with some sharp objects to his utter consternation.
 Mallam Umar cried for help but none came. Realising that his alarm could draw some people around, the determined attackers swiftly covered his mouth with some stuff. Then they proceeded to pluck out his two eyes. Not done with him, they also pulled his four teeth in one fell sweep, and tossed him in a sea of pain, sorrow, and anguish.
 In the course of subduing him and getting the better of him, they battered his hands and bruised his legs and trunk. Expectedly, his pain was unbelievable - better felt than described.

 As Umar lay in his strange world, he kept wondering who on earth he had offended that wanted him dead. But his attackers did not give a hoot about his pains; they were simply after a mission which they must accomplish.
 When they finished plucking his eyes and teeth, they abandoned him to his fate, believing he was dead.
 Luckily for Umar, help came his way as he was picked up early enough and rushed to the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Teaching Hospital, Bauchi.
 When our correspondent visited him in Ward 3 of the hospital, Umar was still soaked in pains as doctors battle to save his life.

 His family is very sad, and has appealed to the Inspector General of Police, M.D Abubakar to fish out the people, who carried out the dastardly act and deal with the rising wave of insecurity in the area.
 The victim’s younger brother, Yakubu Abdullahi, lamented that insecurity in the area was becoming alarming, adding that it was a source of concern to everyone. He wanted the authorities to do something about it so that more people would not fall victim to the assailants that are always lucking around the area.

 He said: “There are a lot of Fulanis in this area, who have no jobs anymore because they no longer have cattle. They are only engaged in acts of terror. When they come across some people, they will ask them if they saw some straying cattle. If they see a group of people, they’ll allow them go but if it is just an individual, they will proceed to kill him.”
 He recalled how some strangers met his brother in the bush where he was cutting wood, waited for him and even assisted him to carry the pieces of wood before dealing machete blows to his neck after they had tied him down.
 He said the incident had sent fear among the people, adding that for that reason, people of the area had stopped going to fetch wood in the bush all alone. He, therefore, requested the relevant authorities to act fast to save the lives of the people of the area.

 Yakubu feared that if appropriate measures were not taken soon, the problem might escalate. He assured that the people of the area would avenge the act done to one of their kinsmen.
 Daily Sun gathered that the police have gone to the area to make arrests, but the relatives of the victim urged them to stop arresting innocent people even as they pleaded with the law enforcement agents to continue with their investigations.
 Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Muhammad Barau, confirmed the incident and explained that investigations were on. He warned that whosoever was a party to the dastardly act would face the wrath of the law.
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