Confession of a rising actress! I was sent out of class ‘cos I couldn’t afford a textbook

Annabel Okereke

 Annabel Okereke is a rising actress whose story elicits pity. Born into a polygamous home, where jealousy, hatred, bickering and other vices ruled, she  struggled against all odds  to acquire her university education as well as launch into the world of acting. In this interview, Annabel shares  the story of her life.

Growing up
I’m from a polygamous home. My father is married to two wives and my mother is the second wife. My mother had three daughters, and I am the second. I was raised in a God-fearing home and my parents were just average people.

It was a middle class home and my father was very strict. Although he’s still strict till date, it has mellowed with the passage of time. But when we were much younger, we were not allowed  to play with our with friends, especially when my father was at home.

I was privileged to attend good schools. My early education was full of memories. I was a brilliant student  in high school. After my high school education, I gained admission into the Enugu State University where I studied Public Administration.

My University days weren’t  smooth because my family was not financially okay to see me through. So,  buying textbooks was a challenge. There were lots of ups and downs but I’m grateful to God, that today, I completed my University education successfully. I still have plans to further my education.

What my parents taught me
I had the best training from my parents. They were not just there to provide my basic needs but also, they taught me what my teachers couldn’t teach me.  Their words have continued to ring bell in my head.

My parents taught me how to be content with what I have, and I think I’ve not thrown away that time-valued advise. I hate to complain about the little I have. Instead, I thank God for everything and keep working harder to achieve more for myself. As humans, we are insatiable but in my case, I always appreciate whatever I achieve because of my hard work.

I can’t really say that I knew I’d become an actress. All I know is that I’ve  flair for acting. Back  in my days as a student,  I used to take part in singing, dancing and  acting, which brought a lot of attention and joy to my life. But when I couldn’t control the passion any longer, I had to take up professional acting. I became a professional actress in 2006, when I got a role in the movie Holy Anger.

My role in that  movie wasn’t  challenging  because I wasn’t really serious at that time.

It hasn’t been easy. I haven’t faced many challenges yet because I’m still a greenhorn in the industry. But I’d say that it’s not been easy. The journey so far hasn’t been all that smooth but my determination is a good drive. The most challenging role is that of fitting into another character and thereafter being judged by viewers based on the role.

Getting roles
One needs to be connected to some good producers who appreciate your talent before the scripts can start flying in. I’ve  just finished shooting a movie in Owerri, produced by Divine Touch CEO, Kingsley Okereke. He’s a good producer who likes to encourage talents without sentiments. So, he’s just like a brother to me, he appreciates my talents and gives me roles.

Embarrassing moment
That was the day, I was sent out of class because I couldn’t afford a particular textbook. That day, we were to have a test  so, the lecturer asked those of us who didn’t buy his textbook out of his class.

I know that I’m not perfect but I think I’m cool with everything I’ve done in the past.

People usually misinterpret whatever we do. So I think the believe that actresses are wild is just a misconception.  People  tag certain actresses as wild because of the roles they play in movies but all that is just make-belief. As far as I’m concerned, there are wild girls everywhere.

I believe actresses make good wives. The only reason I think men are scared of approaching actresses is because they think we are snubs and flirts.  I think some men are just scared because they feel insecure and inferior.

Advances from men
It’s a normal thing, but it’s all about self- control and being able to manage what you have. Some men come to ask me out but I end up turning them into my friends and not lovers. I’ve not really had time for men.

My ideal man
My ideal man must be God fearing,comfortable, dark, responsible, handsome, and of average height.

Love and money
I prefer money to love. Although love is a beautiful thing, but we all need money to survive. Money is sweet.
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