YQ apologises for singing inappropriate song

An attempt by up and coming singer, YQ, to lend his voice to the people’s agitation almost turned awry at the Wednesday rally when the Dee Jay played a completely inappropriate song, ‘I Like Girls Girls’, from his reperttory, for such gathering. The Storm Records artiste had mounted the crowded podium to motivate the thousands of protesters and sing as was the practice by other musicians when the Dee Jay played the song sending a huge roar through the crowd. Many loved it understandably but it did not go down well with the more discerning elders on the podium. The song was quickly stopped by the singer as he switched to his breakthrough song, E Fi Mi Le, in which he collaborated with the late rapper, Da Grin.

Later, the young singer took to Twitter, stating, “I didn’t expect the DJ to play ‘I Like Girls’, I just wanted to talk and perform ‘E Fimile’ and leave. I’m sorry guys. I even went there with Okada make dem no spoil my small car because I told myself that I must support the movement. I love my country.”
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