'Vampire Diaries' Talking Points: Happy Birthday, Caroline

When we last left "The Vampire Diaries" and Mystic Falls, Damon and Elena were getting closer – recall that sweet and steamy kiss – as Stefan held Klaus’s kin hostage, which, of course, made everyone’s life chaos. And Caroline was MIA.

Not so this week. In fact, this week celebrated the newbie vamp’s 18th birthday, and all she wanted to do was wallow. But her still-human pals wouldn’t let her.

Things with Caroline and her now-hybrid ex finally came to an end as Tyler realized that, because of his sire-bond with Klaus, he would never be able to put her first.

In the meantime, though, it was business as usual. Damon and Stefan met Bonnie at the old witch-haunted house, where they were hiding the coffins (and the dead witches made them invisible with their still very much alive powers), to see if they could get that mysterious fourth one open. When they got there, one of Klaus’s hybrid minions was stalking around, trying to find Klaus’s kin. So they tore his heart out. Then Stefan and Damon argued – again – about how to approach the whole situation. Stefan wanted to call Klaus’s bluff, but Damon reminded him that would mean maybe losing everything. A risk he wasn’t willing to take.

When Bonnie and Elena got to school to decorate Caroline’s locker, Elena confessed that B she needed to tell Bonnie something. But no, it wasn’t about kissing Damon. It was about compelling Jeremy – Bonnie’s ex – to leave town so he would be safe from the chaos. So Bonnie caught up with Jeremy to say a bittersweet good-bye.
Stefan showed up at Klaus’s new house to threaten him. “Get your hybrids out of Mystic Falls, or I will remove them myself.” When Klaus responded to this by saying he’d kill people – like, uh, Damon – Stefan suggested he go ahead and make a move, see what happens. Then he killed Klaus’s house-hybrid, you know, just to clarify his point.

Since Caroline blew off school, Bonnie, Matt and Elena showed up at her house with a surprise – they were taking her to the falls for a campfire outing. But given that she was already dead, she really wasn’t feeling it. So Elena came up with another plan – a funeral. “You need to say good-bye to your old live so you can embrace your new one.”

Time for cake. But Caroline was being weird. Because she confessed that she texted Tyler. When Elena questioned this, Bonnie told her to stop controlling everyone – and said that she didn’t like that Elena compelled Jeremy to leave town. Way to ruin a perfectly good funeral.

Tyler, meanwhile, was at Klaus’s. “About your girlfriend, I need you to bite her,” he ordered him. “One could consider this me putting your undying loyalty to the test.” But Tyler refused, which couldn’t be a wise choice.
 Damon and Alaric met up at a fundraiser, where Alaric wondered what was up with Elena. Then Alaric ran into hottie Dr. Meredith Fell, who ventured to discuss the town’s “vampire problem.” She told him some British guy was matching every pledge that they raised – the Brit guy being Klaus, of course. Tyler’s mom was kissing Klaus’s but – because he promised to protect Tyler and the town. She asked Damon to “get your brother under control or the council will have to take action against him.”

Caroline’s mom Liz agreed. “I’m not going to let innocent people get caught in the crossfire of a pissing contest between a hybrid and vampire.”

Alaric came to Meredith’s aid when she was in an argument with an ex – who suggested he get to know her before he became her white knight.

Upstairs, Stefan took out one of the hybrids and Damon caught him in the act. “To  beat the villain, Damon, you have to be the better villain.” Ouch.

 Back at Caroline birthday party/funeral, Tyler showed, asking to talk to Caroline. “Maybe we just weren’t meant to be together, and that’s okay,” Caroline said. But Tyler wouldn’t let go. “I love you,” he said, then kissed her – right before biting her. “Oh no,” he said. He apparently couldn’t help himself.

 Meanwhile, Elena told Matt that her motives for sending Jeremy away were sincere. But she was wasted. She and Matt went into the woods, looking for Caroline. Instead, they found Stefan. Or really, he found them. He took Elena – and told Damon he was making his next move. “What’s Klaus going to do if he can’t make any more hybrids?” Stefan told Elena he might just have to turn her into a vampire.

“Stefan wouldn’t ever dream of killing her,” Klaus said. “Crazy or not, that kind of love never dies. He’s bluffing.”

 Matt brought a dying Caroline home, where Sherriff Forbes Tk.

From the speeding car, Stefan called Klaus and told him he just fed Elena his blood – and he was about to drive off the bridge. Klaus finally agreed to do what he said. Elena was livid: “My parents died on this bridge, I almost died. You knew that. You saved me.”

But Stefan said he didn’t really care what she thought about him anymore. She was Klaus’s only weakness, they only thing that would get him to stopped.

As Bonnie said good-bye to Jeremy, Elena came running – presumably to tell him what happened, to tell him don’t go. But Bonnie stopped her.

Elena went to Damon, to tell him all that happened. “You can’t kiss me again,” she said. “It’s not right.” But he told her, “It is right. It’s just not right now.”

And Damon told her Stefan saved them all – but Damon didn’t know the half of it.

Klaus, meanwhile, showed up at Caroline’s. “My blood will save her,” he said. “Please let me help.”

When he came to Caroline, she asked if he was he was going to kill her. “On your birthday? Do you really think that low of me?” She said yes. But could be the start of something – it sure seemed like it. “I’m dying,” she said, and he told her he would let her, if she felt her existence had no meaning. “But there’s a whole world out there waiting for you – great cities and art and music. Genuine beauty. You can have all of it. You can have a thousand birthdays. All you have to is ask.”

 “I don’t want to die,” she said. And so, he gave her his blood. “Happy birthday, Caroline.”

When she awoke the next morning, a present waited for her – a diamond bracelet. From Klaus.

In the end, Elena stood at the bridge – the one she was meant to die at. Matt showed up, and she told him she felt stuck. So he suggested she let go of that girl, the one who did die that night.

In the end, though, more drama. As Alaric enjoyed a drink with the beautiful Dr. Fell,  Sherriff Forbes and Damon hovered over a body, staked. But not a vampire, a human. Meredith’s ex, the medical examiner.
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