Mark meets Labour over fuel subsidy strike | Labour insists on N65 per litre | Won’t call off strike

After suffering a 24-hour setback, Senate President David Mark met with President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and his Trade Union Congress (TUC) counterpart, Peter Esele, on Monday.

 Earlier attempts by the Senate Committee on Employment, Labour and Productivity chaired by Senator Wilson Ake to meet with leaders of organised labour before commencement of the strike was rebuffed.

 Daily Sun gathered that although the meeting was initially scheduled to hold in the National Assembly, it eventually held at the Apo Mansion residence of the Senate President yesterday.
 Immediately the labour leaders arrived the mansion, they moved straight into the residence for the meeting with the Senate President which lasted almost two hours.
 After the meeting, Omar told newsmen that labour stood on its resolution that government should revert the price of PMS to N65 per litre.
 Labour, however, thanked the Senate for its intervention but insisted that it would not go back on the strike it had embarked upon.
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