Blacks N White sings for The Sun

By  Sam Anokam
For 10 years, the trio of Arinze Emmanuel Obieze also known as African Bowosky, Ejike Arisa, Smartboy 2 and Ejimmadu Chukwudi, School Bag, collectively called Blacks N White have been blazing the trail in the music industry. Now, they are set to release their album.

 In their unique style of coming out with a standard album, the three friends who met at St. Patrick College Asaba in 2006 are working with current music sensation, Whizkid as well as Show your style master, Sabi, among others for a hit.

 With 13 singles to their credit, the group which play hip-hop revealed that they were formerly five in number before two left and that they were unable to release an album because of financial challenges but now that they have a sponsor in the person of Mr. Chidi Dominic, Nigerians should expect a music explosion in the industry.
 Currently promoting Shokori Bobo, Give it to Me and I’m Sorry Oga, on major radio stations nationwide, their producers-Whizboy, Lord Cornel and Baron are also working round the clock fine tuning the concept of their videos.

 Though they promised not to go solo, the young men who hail from Enugu, Abia and Imo States respectively and are ardent readers of the Sun Newspapers also did a track for the Voice of the Nation entitled, Sun Newspaper.

The group is promoted by JP Production, Uche Production, Music Master Production and Soko Production.
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