Bakare, Falana, Fasehun, others call for Jonathan’s resignation

The convener of the Save Nigeria Group, Pastor Tunde Bakare; Human rights lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana; and founder of O’odua People’s Congress, Dr. Fredrick Fasheun, along with other activists and artistes on Tuesday in Lagos, asked President Goodluck Jonathan to resign or revert the pump price of fuel to N65 per litre.

They made this call at the Gani Fawehinmi Park in Ojota, Lagos, during the second day of the nationwide protests against the removal of subsidy on fuel by the Federal Government.

Addressing the crowd, Bakare said the Goodluck Jonathan administration had demonstrated its lack of competence in tackling corruption and other problems, including the insecurity facing the country.
He said President Jonathan’s refusal to bow to the will of the citizens, who were calling for the reversal of the fuel pump price to N65, amounted to disrespect to the citizens’ sovereign power.

The cleric said, “In every nation, the sovereignty belongs to the people of the nation. You gave power to Jonathan. He has opened his mouth to say that there is Boko Haram in his bedroom and in his government. He is telling us that he cannot even protect himself.

“Any government that lacks competence; any government that is corrupt cannot lead this country. On behalf of the people of Nigeria, we fire Jonathan from office. Jonathan you are fired! I serve quit notice on Jonathan on behalf of the people of this country.”

He led the crowd in singing songs of condemnation against the government.
Corroborating Bakare’s position, Falana said section 14(2) of the constitution provided that the authority of any government to rule resided in the people. He called on Nigerians to exercise the power in rejecting the fuel subsidy removal, noting that the Jonathan administration had failed to live up to the constitutional provisions that the welfare of the people “shall be the primary responsibility of the government.”

Falana said, “They have told us that Chad is selling petrol at N205 per litre. That means they are not going to stop at N141. They are still going to N205. Nigerians have to exercise their power to reject the removal of fuel subsidy. Nigeria is the only country which has oil in the world and sells petroleum products at international price.”

He called for the ouster of Jonathan administration in a song, which he sang in Yoruba, “E le lo, e le lo, ijoba akotileta e le lo” (meaning chase away the wasteful government).

Speaking in the same vein, Fasheun warned Jonathan against ignoring the people’s popular opinion in order to avoid their wrath.
The wife and son of the late Gani Fawehinmi, Ganiyat and Mohammed respectively, also urged Nigerians to continue to fight against the removal of fuel subsidy until the government rescinded its decision.

Among other activists and public commentators at the rally were Chris Nwokobia and Dede Mabiaku.
Prominent musicians and Nollywood stars, including Femi Kuti, Eedris Abdukareem, Salawa Abeni, Olu Maintain, Alabi Pasuma, Nigger Raw and Desmond Elliot, also took turn to condemn the removal of fuel subsidy and demanded immediate reversal of fuel pump price to N65.

They urged the President to resign if he could not find solution to the problems confronting the country.
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