Tuface bids NB Plc Van der Linden bye

Nigerian R & B sensation,Tuface Idibia, made a special appearance at the farewell party, held in honour of Mr. Jacco van der Linden, outgoing Marketing Director of Nigerian Breweries Plc.

Tuface acknowledged the great works of the outgoing Marketing Director while he rendered a medley of some of his hits. He was supported by the Diamondz Band, past winners of the Star Quest, Nigeria’s first and only band based musical reality TV competition.

However, it was a rendition of his classic hit “African Queen” which delighted the audience, at the pool side of Oriental Hotel. The song was a special request from Gbenga Adeyinka, who anchored proceedings at the farewell ceremony.

Tuface’s appearance at the farewell ceremony was his second appearance for Nigerian Breweries Plc. the musical sensation was the headlining act at the ‘Hat Trick’ event, organized by Nigerian Breweries Plc a few weeks back.

In his response, Mr. van der Linden, the outgoing Marketing Director, thanked the eight agencies for according him the honour of the farewell ceremony. He stated that he would be taking favourable memories of Nigeria with him, after his stay in the country.

He said: “What is phenomenal is the human energy in Nigeria. It is so amazing. It is something that I will always remember about the country. I have come to discover that Nigerians are so energetic and always willing to learn. They always want to find a way in the face of seeming impossibilities. I always tell my wife that I am never tired whenever I am here in Nigeria because of the energy from the people.”

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