Paw-Paw finds love too?

 Some newspapers were agog with the recent marriage of Chinedu Ikedieze, aka, Aki  but that news is already becoming stale. The most current gist now is that Osite Iheme, aka,  Paw Paw, like his friend Aki has equally found love or so it seems.

The reported romance however did not reveal the identity of the lucky lady but Paw-Paw was quoted to have admitted being in a serious relationship.

Paw-Paw who was recently honoured by the Federal Government with a national honour has a knack for following closely the foot-steps of his screen ‘twin-brother’ Aki who was the first amongst the duo to receive  a national honour  and also the first to find love.

The duo are reputed for their mischievour roles in movies and they are said to have acted in over 80 movies. Osita, Paw-Paw Iheme and Chinedu Aki Ikedieze are said to be doing very well materially.

Deaconess Clarion Chukwurah?
 Screen goddess Clarion Chukwurah was rumoured  to have been ordained a Deaconess at Jesus Dominion Assembly, Omole Phase 1, Ikeja Lagos. The rumour mills said she was ordained alongside her other colleagues in the Assembly.

The new title of  the star actress, we gathered was given to her, based on the fact that the actress  is now born again and has been evangelizing. But busy-bodies think it is just a publicity gimmick for the church.

Clarion is known to have married several times but none of her marriages worked. A new gist about her is that she was caught with her former beau and father of her first son  Shina Peters in a cozy atmosphere at an event but it wasn’t clear what was being insinuated. Grapevine never stated they are back together.

But the latest gist making the rounds is her ordination  during which  the ordination pastor  was said to have advised Clarion to desist from her ungodly activities and every appearance of evil.

Rumour mills quoted   her pastor as saying; ‘Clarion, you are now a new creation in the Lord, go away from your unholy ways”.

But another gist master has wondered whether Clarion was not properly born-again for her pastor to be advising her thus.

Bukky Wright re-marries!
 Star actress Bukky Wright is again in the news. After swearing to commit the rest of her life  taking care of her kids, Bukky is being rumoured to have recently married a U.S Big Boy. Matinee cannot confirm the truth of this as the actress is not picking her calls but  those who claim  they are in the know said  her new husband  is a US-based guy by name Wale  who lives in New Jersey and has a thriving business in the country.

According to recent reports, Wale’s marriage to Bukky Wright took place at the City of Trenton Registry in New Jersey in June 2011 and was   presided over by the resident judge and witnessed by Wale’s friends . Some of Bukky’s female friends and family members are said to have witnessed the exchange of vows.

Further  account on the marriage  claims  that Bukky now has a residency permit in the US with her two sons, OJ and OS, who are currently living with their step-father.

The  account also alleges that her new hubby has taken over the upkeep of her children and he is now sponsoring their education.

The  new hubby was said to have lost his first wife to cancer , leaving him with four children made up of three boys and a girl.

Genevieve, Akon, Osaze Odemwinge, now brand ambassadors!
 Screengoddess Genevieve Nnaji, Nigeria’s version of America’s  Julia Roberts  and the award winning multi Grammy nominee and platinum singer, Akon as well as star footballer, Osaze Odemwinge have reportedly been named the brand ambassadors of  a new international beverage brand that was launched in Nigeria  recently.

The brand is said to have originated in the USA before proceeding to  South Africa and now Nigeria. It   offers a range of beverages.

Karen Igho tweets for a husband
 BBA’s Karen Igho and famous winner  tweeted recently and guess what?  She wants something nice from Santa Claus this yuletide season and her request will blow your mind!  For being a good girl this year, Karen is requesting for some goodies; goodies as in  a boyfriend or husband!

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