Fashion trends that ruled the world in 2011

 By Vivian Onyebukwa
The year 2011 witnessed peculiar trends in fashion. Some fashion style such as mini and maxi gowns made a come-back. There was a great revolution in ankara. Colours, accessories and florals remained bold. Denim remained undaunted. It played a major role in fashion last year. There was craze in Brazilian hair and false eyelashes. Wedge, pump, platform, clog and ballet flats were the shoe trends to bead during the fashion year. Here is a review of fashion trends that rocked the world in the outgoing year.

Mini dress
 A favourite of the excessive ‘80s, the short, thigh-skimming mini dress saw a serious resurrection. This time round, it’s less about ruffles, frills, and embellishments, and more about a chic silhouette, classy colour, and an unexpected abbreviated hem.

 The ankara trend has taken Nigeria by storm. But lately, the usage of ankara, a traditional Nigerian fabric, evolved to mix-matching different, contrasting prints of ankara. It became an international fashion trend as stars like Solange Knowles, Fergie, and Alicia Keys were spotted looking fabulous in vibrant ankara print outfits. Last year, the number of people wearing ankara fabrics to social events, such as wedding, birthday and funeral increase tremendously.

Big and bold fashion
 Large sunglasses covering nearly all your eyes and even the top of your cheeks were in vogue. Colours and prints were bold. Oversized belts, handbags and Jewelries remained a- must-have items in most of the celebrties wardrobes.

 The hottest women’s shoe trends for 2011 included embellished details, embossed patterns and chic styles. Ballet flats were really one of the most popular as a result of its comfortability and beauty.Wedge heels can be worn any time of year but were really popular during last year’s summer. Ankle booties were simply the must-have fashion shoe trend of the year. One of the most coveted women’s shoe trends of all times is the classic pump. Last year’s women’s pumps had a more sophisticated edge to them. They were being designed with embellished details including rosettes, lace, studs and more.

 For the past several years, the standard woman’s purse has become a status symbol: A way to show off your income and your personal style. Thankfully, summer 2011 brought handbag trends that are more about shape and style than the designer name on the label.The clutch, satchel, pouch and leather tote were all hot.

Maxi dress
 The 2011 maxi dress was more feminine and floaty, typically made from chiffon or silk. There was also a trend towards sheer fabrics.

Brazilian hair
 There was craze in Brazilian hair during the last fashion year. Celebrities spent fortune to wear this latest hair trend.

Shades and patterns.
 There were bright colours such as honeysuckle pink, teal blue or even tangerine. Also, white features as a more conservative alternative. Floral prints was not left out in the fashion scene.

False eyelashes
 It wasn’t so long ago that false eyelashes were considered tacky, suitable for fancy dress parties only. How times change. The fashion for falsies was a full-fledged trend last year and doesn’t seem to go out of fashion very soon.

Other fashion styles that rocked the season were bare shoulder dress, one-sleeve fashion style, jump suit and undaunted denim.

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