Emeka Ike honoured with chieftaincy title

When next you set your eyes on Emeka Ike, please endeavour to address him as a title holder.

The popular actor was given a  Chieftaincy  title  as “a  Christmas gift” on Wednesday, December 28, by the traditional ruler of Egbonike, in Anambra State.

The honour, according to the actor, was conferred on him in appreciation of the smiles he has put on the faces of so many Nigerians and the world at large through his acting prowess.

Disclosing this good news to HVP, Emeka Ike said “ I was given a Chieftancy title on December 28,  by the people of Egbonike, in Anambra State. This is one honour I cherish so much.”

Emeka Ike, who is described by many as one of the controversial actors in Nollywood hail from Anambra State. But in the words of the actor, “Ï am a Lagosian by birth and all my education was here in Lagos.”

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