Denrele in love?

 After many attempts by pundits to guess what ex Soundcity OAP, Denrele Edun’s love life looks like, should we say he’s finally in love?

Or how else would one explain the ‘crazily’ dressed OAP’s expression of love on Tweeter?

Recently Showtime bumped into one of his many tweets, and guess what,  his tweets read like-he was actually expressing his ‘undying’ love for a female tweeter user by the name, Ifeagbetuyi.

And from our findings, through her profile picture, this lady is indeed a chic. She’s hot and good looking.

But from the look of things, Denrele might just be day dreaming as the lady in question doesn’t even find him attractive enough to reply his tweets of love!

Denrele Edun : “@Ifeagbetuyi: @DENRELE_EDUN I LOVE YOUU!!! Why dnt u ever reply me?? ?:’(. I still Love you though ?”**Am I mad?Y wnt I??hw u jare?Whr u?*

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