50 Hollywood Stars Turning 50...

 Demi Moore
Birthday: Nov. 11
Between her divorce and her trip to rehab, it's been a rough year for Demi Moore. Here's hoping that her 50th birthday will create some happy memories for 2012.

 Jim Carrey
Birthday: Jan. 17
He may not act it, but yes, Jim is 50. Shocking, right?

 Jon Bon Jovi
Birthday: March 2
He's a father of four, but this Bon Jovi frontman has still maintained his sexy rocker image.

 Paula Abdul
Birthday: June 19
Paula's days of being a Laker Girl are long behind her, but she's still maintained a pretty hot bod. (Hey, let's see what you look like at 50.)

Being 50 is fabulous! These stars -- all born in 1962 -- prove that hitting the mid-century mark is nothing to fear. Keep clicking to see which celebs turn the big 5-0 in 2012. (Some of them will surprise you!)

Tom Cruise
Birthday: July 3
We don't think Tom has aged a day since 1992. Thank Xenu!

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