How GUS brought Muma Gee and hubby Prince Eke together

*Muma gee and Prince Eke
We are excited that this December, it is the turn of beautiful traditional singer, Muma Gee to be married. Muma Gee’s glamorous wedding to Prince Eke, took place in Rivers State. Unknown to many people, Gulder beer played a very important role in their love story.

Online publications made out that the couple met shortly after the Celebrity edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search where Muma Gee and actor, Emeka Ike were participants.

After  the reality show sponsored by Nigerian Breweries Plc,there were speculations in town that Muma Gee and Emeka Ike had something in common. Rumour had it they started dating right from the location of the Gulder Ultimate Search.

Muma Gee denied that there was any such thing between them. As part of ways to douse the tension the rumour might have caused between Emeka Ike and his wife, Muma Gee went to visit the Ikes at their home. It was there she met Prince Eke, Emeka Ike’s best friend.

Initially, Muma Gee said she was reluctant but things later fell into place. As a way of getting a sincere marriage assurance, Prince Eke promised that there won’t be any sexual relationships between them before their wedding

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