Life Imprisonment For Rapists - Reps Propose

Life Imprisonment For Rapists - Reps Propose
Worried about the increasing rate of rape across the country, the House of Representatives has proposed life imprisonment for persons found guilty of the offence.

In addition, the House has also proposed that the accused persons shall be liable jointly and severally to a minimum of 20 years imprisonment without an option.

The lawmakers made this decision while adopting the recommendation of a report on a bill for an Act on violence against persons (prohibition).

The report which was presented by Hon Abike Dabiri-Erewa, however peddled soft on minors, proposing that where the offender is less than 14 years, the offender shall be liable to a minimum of 14 years imprisonment and a minimum of 12 years without an option of fine.

The 51-clause bill is expected to drastically reduce the incidents of rape which has been on a steady rise in the few last years.

The lawmakers also recommended imprisonment not exceeding five years or a fine of N100, 000 or both for anyone convicted of wilfully causing or inflicting physical injury on another person by means of any warp on, substance or object.

Any person who incites, aids, abets, or counsels another person to commit the act of violence and is guilty of the offense is also liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or to a fine not exceeding N200,000 or to both fine and imprisonment.
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