Movie: Ifunanya (Starring Chika Ike, Paul Sambo) - Coming Soon

Ifunanya is a romantic comedy, written, produced, and directed by Serah Donald Onyeachor. It stars Chika Ike, Paul Sambo, Bryan Okwara, Ebele Okaro, and Tess Dickson. The movie is the story of a young pretty street lady named Ifunanya and her pastor Nnamdi. Nnamdi is a pastor of a church – young, single and handsome.

Nnamdi has three mischevous aunties who won’t stop till they find him a wife, on the other hand, Ifunanya, who is a street girl, will stop at nothing to make sure her dreams come true … which is to marry the pastor. Ifunanya will be out on DVD in February.

More pictures below:

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