Pasuma Replies Rumour Mongers…‘KWAM 1 Is Not Dating My Daughter’

Fuji star, Wasiu Alabi, popularly known as Pasuma, has refuted the rumour making the rounds that he and Fuji legend, Wasiu Ayinde Marshall, aka KWAM 1 are no longer on talking terms.

According to a statement  by his management, rumours of a rift might have started when Pasuma dropped the ‘Arabambi’ title from his name.

Pasuma recently announced he would be dropping the moniker, adopting the new name ‘Oganla’.

‘I have my reasons for leaving Arabambi to create my own identity. Let me start by explaining the word Oganla to you. We have all been created by God and have our purpose on earth. At every point in our lives we are expected to achieve certain things and no matter how reluctant you are you will surely do according to God’s will. Oganla means [sic] boss of all bosses’, Pasuma said.

‘I remain loyal to K1 and the rumour is to create a misunderstanding between us but that will not happen because we are matured enough to handle it,’ he added

he singer said he feels this is the right time to create his identity. “This is the new Pasuma and you have to accept it, the way I present it to you .I remain 100 per cent loyal to KWAM 1. As a matter of fact Oganla is affiliated to Arabambi except that I no longer bear the name Arabambi 2 but Oganla 1”.

The Fuji crooner said his new identity is his new year resolution.

Reports had it that KWAM 1 is having a sizzling affair with Pasuma’s daughter Wasilat, which Pasuma’s manager also refuted.
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