Over 500 Corps Members Redeployed From Sokoto

No fewer than 500 out of the over 1500 Batch C corps members currently undergoing orientation in Sokoto State have conveniently secured their redeployment, a reliable source has said.

While blaming the decision by the NYSC national headquarters for softening redeployment from the north, the source further lamented that unless all intending corps members see service to our dear fatherland as a worthy sacrifice, the aim of NYSC scheme would soon be in vain.

Speaking to LEADERSHIP on condition of anonymity, many of the corps members whose names are on the redeployment list said, having heard and read about corps members bitter experiences and brutal killings in the wake of recent security challenges confronting the nation especially in the  north, their parents advised them to apply for redeployment.

According to them, while in Sokoto state NYSC orientation camp, they wasted no time applying for redeployment as soon as the opportunity came. They also added that, virtually everybody that applied got redeployment to states of their choice or different states outside core north.

Expressing their preparedness to serve in the north against all odds, some of the corps members told LEADERSHIP that, though, they were yet to be posted to their primary place of assignment, they were convinced that Sokoto State was a good place to serve based on testimonies from those who have served in the state.

In the same vein some corps members who have already seen their names in the redeployment list said they would have loved to serve in the state if given proper orientation at the early stage by the state NYSC staff.

When LEADERSHIP visited the camp, corps members queued up to be immunized, even as over 900 of them enrolled in the NYSC skills acquisition scheme. However, one of the skills acquisition facilitators told LEADERSHIP that only about 600 of the 900 that enrolled graduated successfully and would be given certificates accordingly.
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