First Gift Tips

No! It does not have to be Christmas or a birthday for you to show your man or lady that you appreciate their presence in your life. This is very important, especially if you are giving a gift for the first time.

Giving a gift takes a lot of thought. No one wants to give a gift the other person does not want or would not really appreciate. It can be really thrilling when you give your loved one a gift, and he or she exclaims in delight giving loads of hugs and kisses.

The right impression:
You don't get a second chance to make a first impression, neither does the first gift you give. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just-because gift, present-picking can feel like pop quiz on your partner. Have in mind that every first move or act you take with your lover will leave a lasting mark.

So,  it has to be done the right way, not the perfect way. First step is to playfully and codedly find out the things that your partner would like or need. This can be done by being very attentive and observant to what things bring delight to your partner. Just don’t be too obvious about it.

Get personal:
Gifts that are personalised and that show that you are listening to them are the best kind of gifts. First, look to your partner's interests. Look for something that fits his or her interests, but is small, and not too expensive, and that you know he or she might not have. For example, if your partner likes to dress in the formal way but does not have cufflinks, then you can buy him a pair of cufflinks, or the colour of a shirt he does not have.

Or if your lady likes sweet treats like chocolate but rarely has time to indulge, that will be a wonderful first gift. Pay attention to the hints that your significant other leaves you, either consciously or not, about what they wish they had or have been wishing to get for themselves.

Be real, not fake:
In the early stages of dating, hold off on going overboard and declaring your undying love in a gift. Resist the urge to put lots of heart decorations and "I love you" all over something you make for her. It can turn scary for the lady or the guy who is still trying to check his feelings for you. Most guys are not really into that sort of thing, and well, they may not give you the huge smile you were looking for.

Show that you care:
Show that you are sensitive by making it something unique like a trip to the sap. It could be a gift that she should share with her friends; it may be a way of getting both you and your date to relax. Another idea is going to a massage parlour together, one of the best gifts to give a man and he will be thrilled. For the guys, you can take your lady to a show or happenings in town that she thought to go but could not ask you. It portrays you as a thoughtful man.

Appreciate your bond:
Strengthen your bond by getting your significant other something that reminds them of the two of you as a couple, like a favourite shared activity, band, or an inside joke. A lady, Sarah Soda's second gift from her boyfriend was "an NFL Steelers jersey because they are my favourite team, and football is something we bond over. It was really personal and I loved it!" She got creative with some great tunes.

"The first gift I gave him was a burnt CD with all the songs that reminded me of him, or had something to do with our relationship, or a time we shared together where the song was playing. I wrote a long letter explaining why I picked each song and he LOVED it! It was cheap and simple, but very personal!"

"Material items mean nothing to me," says Utahmom. "The best gift I received was a water colour painting with a hand written (caligraphy) poem over it." If you're low on cash, a cute poem, painting, or song costs little to nothing, but makes a big impact...even regardless of your talent or skill level."

Pay attention early on:
You should know the importance of pay attention to what your partner likes from day one. "We met on an online dating site and I had mentioned in my profile I preferred wild flowers to store-bought roses," a lady once said. "We had gone out a few times and when I went out to my car one morning, he had covered it with wild flowers. It was cool, because he paid attention to my profile, and didn't mention it, and he took the time to do it. A very inexpensive gift but priceless."

Having trouble thinking back to early hints? Check out your partner's Facebook profile or early emails for mentions of favourite things you might have forgotten about.
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