How To Get Soft Luscious Lips

Many times, some women tend to pay less attention to their lips since it’s always covered with lipsticks; but the truth is that you can always look pretty with or without lipstick.

Dry chapped lips are not only unattractive; they make application of lipstick a mess. If you want to wear lipstick, or look pretty without it, you need smooth lips.

You may want to ask, “How do I get those soft, smooth and kissable lips?” You need to exfoliate the lips regularly to help reduce dryness. You can achieve this by mixing a little sugar with olive oil till it forms a paste. Rub enthusiastically with your finger and rinse off.

Another step in having flawless lips is by moisturising. Moisturising gives protection to a chapped lip. You can moisturise your lips with a lip balm.Using lip balms with a sunscreen to protect your lips against harsh weather is strongly advisable.

Also, brushing the lips is a sure way of having those soft lips. Brushing helps remove flakes. Always endeavor to brush very gently.

Other Useful Tips
Never bite the skin on your lips as it causes sores on them. Avoid licking the lips as it makes them dry up easily.

Massage your lips daily at night with a mixture of honey and almond oil to prevent of your lips from drying.

Constant application of lipstick can sometimes make your lips dark. Applying lemon juice with or without glycerin will help lighten the lips.

To retain natural moisture and softness of the lips, sprinkle a little powder on your handkerchief and put it on your lips. Apply little pressure with your fingers hand. By doing this, the natural moisture of your lips will be maintained.

Apply a mixture of olive oil and Vaseline on lips. This remedy will help get rid of dry and chapped lips.

You can also take water, honey, glycerin, and almond oil in equal amounts and place them in a bottle. Shake the bottle to mix them well. Apply this mixture daily to get that luscious lip.

Apply a good amount of lip balm before going to sleep at night.

To avoid your lips from getting damaged, apply a thin layer of Vaseline before applying lipstick, this will help your lips keep moist and prevent it from drying which may result in cracking.

Once your lips are in good shape, show them off as much as possible. Find a flattering new lipstick to draw attention to your mouth; have your teeth whitened and smile a lot.
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