Seun Performed Live In London @ The Theatre Royal (Nigeria House) Last Night

The nights show started off with the Nigeria Diasporama all star Band, featuring Asa, Dele Sosimi, Tony Allen and 14 others performing .Still thinking of a word to qualify these fantastic Nigerian artists.

Thereafter the main headliner for the nights show SEUN KUTI and the Egypt 80 Band stormed the stage and it was like the roof was on fire,trust me the show was fantastic all his fans stood up almost at the same time to dance along, but for health and safety reasons and considering the fact that the Theatre Royal was built for the staid victorian times ,very old fashioned and restricted and obviously not for the vibrant , passionate music and people of Nigeria and Africa in General.

Seun's fans were therefore asked to sit down,to avoid any sort of accident and emergency occuring
they didnt want to sit down but the security insisted as thats the rule , Seun who felt his fans were more

important to him , decided he would put a stop to the performance,he felt they had the right to dance
while he was performing , in his words "Its a concert" and guess what? seun actually stopped performing
and that was the end of the show in Stratford, London.But then again it was GRAND. This show was put
together by the BANK OF INDUSTRY, and the Mc of the night is the renowned Nollywood actor from Nigeria

several media houses covered this event including Theodora pr,media & Consultancy.

Source: Theodora pr, media & Consultancy
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