My son’s killers threatening to kill me –Father of slain TASUED undergraduate

The parents of Nurudeen Olokodana, the final year undergraduate of the Tai Solarin University of Education in Ijebu-Ode, whose secret burial place was uncovered by CRIME DIGEST about three weeks ago, have finally spoken up on the cause of his death.

In an interview on Wednesday in Ijebu-Ode, the late Olokodana’s parents, both of who are medical practitioners, said that contrary to the  general belief that he was murdered by suspected members of a dreaded campus secret cult because they thought he belonged to a rival cult, their son was actually killed over his interest in a young woman.

Nurudeen’s father, who is the medical director of Tawak Medical Centre in Ijebu-Ode, insisted that his son was not a cultist.

He says, “My son was not a cultist. He was a very gentle boy and often helped us with the household chores. Those who say that he was a cultist are just prescribing medicine after death. They want to vindicate themselves one way or the other. I have only just heard for the first time that he was a cultist.

“He never did anything suspicious nor got involved in anything that would lead to violence. The only time he behaved in an aggressive manner was when he quarrelled with his girlfriend and I settled the matter between both of them amicably. It only showed that he was a jealous lover.”

Nurudeen was the fourth among seven children. Like his parents, he initially wanted to study medicine, but could not because he did not have the necessary requirements. Later, he settled for political science at TASUED.

CRIME DIGEST learnt that the deceased was a devout Muslim before his life was prematurely terminated.

Recalling the day she was informed that her son had been kidnapped, Mrs. Olokodana said that early in the morning, he had gone to the mosque to pray.

She said that, when he returned from the mosque, he wanted to go to school, but she was reluctant to release him.

She says, “When he returned, he told me he was going to school. I did not want to give him money, but my sister-in-law persuaded me. I went upstairs and I gave him N200 and he left.

“At about 6pm, I dialled his phone number, but it was switched off. I was worried. I wondered what was wrong with his phone. I wanted him to come home and turn on the power generator. When I told his brother on the phone that his number was switched off, he,too, was worried.

“When I contacted Nurudeen’s friend, Abbey, he said that he saw my son on the campus in the morning and that Nurudeen said he was going home by 4 pm.”

Nurudeen’s mum tried in vain to fight the tears of anguish that were visibly filling her eyes as she paused.

Then she resumes, “The next day, on the Sept 7, 2011, somebody phoned me. But the person hid his number. When I answered the phone call, the person did not speak. So, I broke the silence by saying hello. The person asked if I was Nurudeen’s mother and then told me that Nurudeen was dead. When I asked him to identify himself, he cut the phone call.

“I was shocked because I saw my son the previous day and I gave him some money. I said it was not true. Then I went to his father. I told him what I had just heard and he said it couldn’t be. He asked if there was any outbreak of violence in the school and I said I did not know of any. His father took over from there.

“Nurudeen was a gentle boy; if you wanted to see him, all you had to do was check the couch at home. He would be lying on it and playing with his cell-phone. He played with his phone all the time or he would be reading or preparing to go to the mosque

 “Later, we heard they kidnapped him. We were hopeful that they would still release him. Then, his father went to the school to see the Chief Security Officer. Our hope was shattered at the end of the day when we heard that he was killed by unknown assailants. What did he do?

“We heard that the killers ambushed him on the expressway and took him back to school. All through his disappearance we were unhappy. We thank God for good people like our imams and pastors who heard about the case and came to comfort us.”

Nurudeen’s father told CRIME DIGEST that some people warned him to stop searching for his son. He says, “They called me and said they knew I was a stubborn father. Then they told me to stop looking for my son as they had given him a befitting burial.”

He said that on the day his wife was informed about Nurudeen’s death, he got a phone call from an unknown person who narrated what led to the tragedy.

He continues, “The voice on the phone told me that my son left the school to Imaweje, where his girlfriend was living. Later, on his way back, he was kidnapped. They brought him to the entrance of the university campus, where he struggled with his assailants on a motorcycle.

“The police have arrested some of the motorcyclists. When his assailants saw that he was becoming a problem to them, they took him to an unknown location in the forest.

 “The person on the phone mentioned one Waziri. Waziri is a boyfriend to one Kemi Olafisoye. One Tobi Tobistic was said to have been the one who shot my son. The boy is still at large. They mentioned one TJ and a boy called Sevenbar Adisa Musa.

“We learnt that on the day Nurudeen was kidnapped, because he was struggling with his assailants and the motorcyclist was nervous, Adisa used his car to support them all the way so that the motorcycle would not fall. The vehicle has been impounded by the police. The number plate of the car is AE 398 SRA.

 “We learnt that Nurudeen was Olafisoye’s ex-boyfriend. Nurudeen has asked to date her again, but she said she was not interested. Later, we learnt that Kemi was the girlfriend of Waziri, one of the cultists. Nurudeen did not know that Olafisoye was already dating a cultist. That is what led to his death.”

Mr. Olokodana told CRIME DIGEST that his life was being threatened by Adisa because he searched for his son, dead or alive.

He says, “Those people that killed my son are saying that they should get rid of me, too. I don’t know what I have done to them. Adisa called sometime ago and told me not to continue my quest.

“He said that the best thing for me to do is release the people in police detention or I find myself to be blamed. I have told all this to the police.”

 On Feb 1, 2012, Nurudeen’s corpse was discovered in a shallow grave alongside three other unidentified corpses in the Imaweje area of Ijebu-Ode. His decomposed corpse was found bound with electric cable; his ankle was cut off because he was tall and occupied too much space. His father said he was able to identify his son through his underwear.

Mr. Olokodana says, “Nurudeen’s mother bought six pants. She gave two to her elder brother, two to me and two to Nurudeen. Coincidentally, I wore mine to the scene of his grave. The belt he was buried with, I cannot forget it because I used to flog him with it. He loved to wear jeans. They bound him with cable because he was struggling with them.”

Nurudeen’s parents were pleased with the results of the investigation conducted by the police and the school authority so far. They said that they had faith in the judicial system of the country.

The Public Relations Officer of Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijagun, Gbenga Omilola, said the university frowned at cultism. He said the current administration of the school had zero tolerance for cultism.

 He said, “The university does not tolerate cultism or any issue relating to cultism. We will hand over any cultist to the police. The issue of Olokodana, we have cooperated with the police and we have discovered a lot. The issues have been charged to court. When a case is in court we don’t comment about it so we don’t get charged with contempt. I know the court would do the right thing.

“During our matriculation ceremony, we tell the new students to swear to an oath of allegiance to the school. Many of the students are given a form to sign, promising never to participate in any cult related activity in the University.

“The present management, which is headed by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Awonusi is making sure that the university is free of cultism. If you are caught for cultism, we hand you over to the police. When you are handed over to the police, we ensure that you are charged to court.

“Although it is not our duty, neither is it our jurisdiction, but we make sure that you pay for your heinous crime because you swore an oath. There was an agreement between us that you breached.”
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