Adele's dad 'devastated' by comments

Adele's estranged father is "devastated" after the soul superstar declared she would "spit in his face" if she ever saw him again.

The Grammy-winning singer's father Mark Evans split from Adele's mother Penny when she was just three years old and the star has had little contact with him over the last decade. Evans sold his side of the story to a British tabloid last year, but the candid chat left Adele fuming and she is adamant any chance of a reunion has now been dashed for good.

She recently told America's Vogue magazine, "I was actually ready to start trying to have a relationship with him. He's f------ blown it ... He will never hear from me again ... If I ever see him I will spit in his face."

Evans claims he last spoke to Adele at Christmas and although their communication was brief, he wished her well in her new relationship with Simon Konecki.

He adds, "He seems a lovely chap. They're made in heaven together. She deserves to be loved. It would be lovely for Adele to have a nice guy in her life and settle down."
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