'Emotional' Oscars poster unveiled

The poster bears the tagline 'Celebrate the movies in all of us'

Scenes from such classic movies as Gone with the Wind, Casablanca and the Sound of Music feature on the official poster for the 84th Academy Awards.

Images from the Godfather and Gladiator also feature in a campaign "meant to evoke the emotional connections we all have with the movies", organisers said.

In all, eight motion pictures spanning eight decades are showcased alongside the familiar Oscar statuette.

The 2012 Academy Awards will be held in Los Angeles on 26 February.

"Whether it's a first date or a holiday gathering with friends or family, movies are a big part of our memory," said Academy president Tom Sherak.

"The Academy Awards not only honour the excellence of these movies but also celebrate what they mean to us as a culture and to each of us individually."

Driving Miss Daisy, Giant and Forrest Gump complete the list of movies used in conjunction with the tagline "Celebrate the movies in all of us".

All the films on the poster won the Oscar for best picture apart from Giant, for which George Stevens received the best director award.

The artwork was created by graphic designer Anthony Goldschmidt with Mark and Karen Crawford of the design firm Blood&Chocolate.

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